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Top 10 Marathons of India: The Ultimate Races to Test Your Limits

by Gurojaspreet Kaur 14 Jun 2024 0 Comments


Marathons in India have grown in popularity over the years, with several cities organising world-class races that draw runners worldwide. These marathons not only promote health and fitness, but they also frequently benefit numerous social causes. Here's a look at India's best marathons, their standings, and the significance of several major events.

1. Tata Mumbai Marathon (IAAF GOLD) 

The IAAF awarded the Tata Mumbai Marathon a Gold Label, placing it among the world's top ten marathons and the largest in Asia. Link. The Mumbai Marathon is well-known for its humanitarian side, with millions raised each year for various organisations. The event has become a representation of the city's spirit and endurance. The marathon route, which includes the famed Marine Drive and the Bandra-Worli Sea Link, captures Mumbai's beauty and vitality. Procam International organises the yearly event on the third Sunday of January, which begins at the iconic Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai and passes via significant locations such as Marine Drive and the Bandra-Worli Sea

LOCATION: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Upcoming Race: January 2025

2. Delhi Half Marathon [IAAF GOLD]

The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, which takes place in October, is one of India's most well-known half marathons. It is an IAAF Gold Label race, which ensures excellent organisation and worldwide participation.

This event promotes fitness and health in the capital city and frequently includes efforts for environmental awareness and pollution reduction. The route takes you through some of Delhi's most historical and notable landmarks, combining fitness with a cultural tour of the city.


Upcoming Race:  October 2024

3. Kaveri Trail Marathon

The Kaveri Trail Marathon was first held in 2007 with 700 runners. KTM is the country's oldest trail marathon and one of the most scenic routes to run on. It all began in May 2007, with a group of enthusiasts, the first in the country. Of course, the concept sparked one's imagination! And so the Kaveri Trail Marathon was founded. KTM attracts enthusiastic trail runners from across the country, with some returning year after year. One can opt to run the marathon, half marathon, 10K, or 5K Run. This marathon emphasises the necessity of conserving natural water bodies and ecosystems. It is popular among nature-loving runners because it provides a hard yet scenic path via the river's trails, building a strong connection with nature.

LOCATION:  Srirangapatna, Karnataka

Upcoming Date:  November 2024

4. Pinkathon

The Pinkathon is India's largest women's run, held in several cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Chennai. Founded by Milind Soman, it seeks to promote women's health and fitness. The Pinkathon promotes breast cancer awareness and women's health. It encourages women to take care of their own health and promotes regular exercise as a way to prevent breast cancer. Health check-up camps are also part of the event, which encourages attendees to take care of themselves.

LOCATION: Multiple Cities

Upcoming Date: Summer 2025

5. CRY Walk for Child Rights

Child Rights and You (CRY) organises a walk and run event to promote children's rights and raise donations.

The event aims to promote schooling, provide medical care, and safeguard impoverished children. Participants attend this gathering to support the battle against child labour, abuse, and exploitation.

LOCATION: Multiple Cities

Upcoming Date: November 20, 2024

6. Rotary Cancer Run

The Rotary Club organises the Rotary Cancer Run to raise money for cancer research and treatment. The race raises donations for cancer patients, particularly those who cannot afford treatment. It also attempts to raise awareness of cancer prevention and early detection.

LOCATION: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Upcoming Date: August 4, 2024

7. Run for Water

The Run for Water event promotes water conservation and sustainable management.

The run aims to raise awareness about the worldwide water situation and promote appropriate consumption. It sponsors programmes aimed at providing clean drinking water to underprivileged populations.

LOCATION: Bangalore, Karnataka

Date: March 24, 2024

8. Ladakh Marathon

The Ladakh Marathon, sanctioned by AIMS, is regarded as one of the world's most difficult high-altitude events. Since 2012, its main event, the 72km ultra Khardungla Challenge, has grown from 11 to roughly 250 entrants, cementing its status as a major Ultra Marathon and attracting elite runners from around the world.

Running at high elevations is a unique challenge, testing athletes' endurance. The festival also aims to promote eco-tourism and raise global awareness of Ladakh's breathtaking landscapes and rich culture.

LOCATION: Leh, Ladakh

Upcoming Date: September 8, 2024

9. Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon: 

For those who have never raced a marathon before, the Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon is a great place to start. So, quit pushing the snooze button and put on your jogging shoes! Aside from the exciting prize money of USD 268,000, there are numerous other reasons and perks to running the Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon. Vedanta has agreed to provide one nutritious lunch for every kilometre run in the marathon. You will run with the goal of making India a better place to live, especially for the less fortunate. Through the Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon, runners from around the world will convey the world a strong message: no kid should sleep hungry, and every child deserves


Upcoming Date: 20 October 2024

10. Kolkata, 25k [IAAF ELITE]

Tata Steel Kolkata 25K stands out as the only World Athletics Accredited 25K race, delivering a hefty USD 100,000 prize pool and bringing elite athletes from across the world as well as India's best and amateur runners to the bustling City of Joy.

This event sparked a running revolution throughout eastern India, exemplifying the city's vitality and solidarity. It provides a platform for Kolkatans to come together, enjoy pride, rejoice, and constructively contribute to their community while embracing the spirit of Aamar Kolkata, the city's biggest participatory athletic festival.

LOCATION: Kolkata, West Bengal

Upcoming Date: December 2024

11. Bengaluru 10K

The Bengaluru 10K Marathon, also known as the Bengaluru 10K Challenge, is an annual running event held in Bengaluru, India. This event is popular with fitness enthusiasts, amateur runners, and professional athletes. Funds earned from registrations and sponsorships are frequently donated to non-profit organisations working in education, healthcare, and social services. Some editions of the Bengaluru 10K Marathon have focused on spreading environmental awareness. The event's environmental impact is minimised through the promotion of eco-friendly activities such as decreasing plastic waste, guaranteeing proper waste disposal, and encouraging participants to use public transit.

LOCATION: Bengaluru, Karnataka

Upcoming Date: 7 July 2024

Running a marathon in India is a memorable event that should not be missed. From the historic Tata Mumbai Marathon to the picturesque Kaveri Trail Marathon, India has a marathon for everyone. Plus, the best part? These marathons are all reasonably easy to reach and run, making them ideal for beginners. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Begin organising your journey to gorgeous destinations in India, and prepare to run your heart out! So tighten your laces and go out on a thrilling tour through India's unique topography.

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